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"He was last seen on a tricycle riding along this road" Beatrice said, feeling pity for the boy's mum who was already looking depressed. He was only 6, how fast could he had rode the tricycle to be out of sight?, she questioned herself, the thought sent shivers down her spine. The street wasn't safe, let alone for a kid who couldn't fight for himself, maybe she had done wrong buying him a tricycle. load of thoughts flooded her mind as she walk through the lonely path in search for her dear son.

It was Friday morning. The street was quiet except for the faint humming from the cars far across the road. She asked the neighbors living close but none of them saw the kid. She had almost given up her search to involve the police when she remembered there was a lonely path that led to their building. It was James' favorite place because of the ornaments, and most often, he plays with the fallen leaves scattered on the floor.

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She saw him from afar struggling with his tricycle in the debris, he seemed to be having difficulty paddling it through the dirt. She felt relieved,then went closer and helped him out.

"Don't come out to ride the tricycle here until you can ride it properly," she instructed. James nodded. She allowed him to ride it gently while he followed her home.


What a relief seeing him.
At first, I was worried reading it too but got relieved at the end.
Well done champ

Lol, no, nothing happened to the lad. He only decided to take his favorite path.

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Sounds as if James got further than expected.

Thanks for joining pic1000. 👍

Yes he did

Ohhhhh.... I'm happy Jimmy was found paddling his bike in his own favorite spot

We need to keep a close eye on our kids

Yeah, most of them get lost while playing