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I used to be happy picking up sticks,
back when my little mind was friends with Innocence.
I did find joy in simple tasks
and the society looked better with each model citizen.

For years my goal was to become that which speaks success in a field that another soul deemed I fit well in.

Never for once did I question my orders
and I would've gladly laid my life for a cause I was told was worth it,
something that had nothing to do with me,
A cause my lineage would never benefit from.
Oh, the joy of sweet ignorance.

The tiers carefully laid by those who cared not for their lesser was preserved by the lesser.
So, anytime someone broke out, he is punished still by the lesser.
It was here (at the face of death) I learnt to play the game of silence,
It was here that I found that ignorance is bliss.