He loved her so much... by Florencia Renata. (Tale)

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He loved the way she looked at everything around her; as if confused, as if in wonder, as if everything was new and as if everything was no longer new. Her eyes were fascinated by the things that others didn't take into account and he didn't understand how people lost their way in life for what was ephemeral.

He loved her smile so much, looking at her made him smile involuntarily. For him, there was a perfect harmony between her wide, tender smile and her bright dark eyes.

He loved her laughter so much. His heart leapt with emotion in his chest at the sound of it. She laughed for tender things, for music, for children and for hugs.

He loved her voice so much; he could hear her clearly even in the midst of the loudest noise that could exist. He could hear her clearly if he closed his eyes to remember her. He could hear her in every breath of the wind, in every whisper of the stars and in every echo that the moon evoked.

He loved so much to hold her, to feel her in his arms, to feel that somehow he was protecting her... to feel her... just to feel her in an embrace was as close to glory as the heavens could bestow on anyone


He loved kissing her so much, it was finding his way to her heart and soul without the need for words, it was the purest way to know and feel how much he loved her....

He loved her so much that... he let her go when he realised that she was no longer happy by his side. Yes, he loved her so much that he preferred to keep all her memories, than with her by his side without being her again.

He loved her so much that he understood when she asked for her freedom; he loved her so much that he let go of her hand and her heart and accepted to see her from a distance, but to see her really happy.

"To love, sometimes, is to let go of the one you love when you know you are hurting them," he said to himself as he watched her walk away.

He loved her so much... Yes, he loved her so much that he just wanted her to be really happy... even if it meant not having her by his side one more time....

He... loved her so much...


It's better to have loved and lost.....an' all that. Nice work!