Day 1501: 5 Minute Freewrite-Prompt: spiderman || Amazon Hunting

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Amazon Hunting

One of the things I love most about being Spider-man is when I see Manhattan at sunrise from the top of the Empire State Building.

Everything looks so calm and no one needs a hero to save his ass. Sometimes I think everyone could be their own superhero, but no one is that brave these days.

*Ring ring *

"Hello? Who's this? What? You must be kidding, Mary Jean. Do you know how long it'll take me to get there? OK, I will.

"Well done, idiot. Thanks to you, the spider will come to his biggest trap, the Amazon," said Kraven the Hunter before bursting out laughing.

"Where will he be? Doesn't he love the redhead anymore? Ah..."

"Peter, Peter, I'm here!," yelled Mary Jean.

"The sound of jungle beasts... the spider is already facing his death," Kraven commented with a wicked grin.

"Listen again," whispered Spider-man, appearing vertically and slowly behind Kraven's back.

Before the hunter could turn to aim his weapons at the arachnid, our superhero had already wrapped his enemy in spiderweb against a tree. Hunter hunted.

"I've got you, Mary Jean. Everything is in order now," said Spider-man as he swung from web to web to pull his partner out of the terrible Amazon.

"Oh, Pete, thanks for rescuing me, but... but I'm not Mary Jean. I'm Chamaleon. Prepare to be blown to pieces with this bomb," said the villain before laughing madly.

"Ding-dong! Extra-spicy pizza service for the piranhas."


"No, it's okay, keep the change," said Spidey as he watched Chamaleon fall into the river infested with hungry fish.


I think this is my first time taking part of this 5 Minute initiative. I like how it just began, as Spider-man has been a huge inspiration for me since ever. It is kind of tribute. Hope you enjoyed it.