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You got torticollis? You can always turn your whole body!

How to Be Happy (even in a Shithole Like Venezuela)?


Easy: You become a head-turner.

You see people eating from the trash, you turn your head. There surely is a new Bodegón nearby.

You see beggars in the street? Turn your head. Look for the hot kids wearing fancy trendy clothes, even if those clothes do not agree with the weather.

You see sewage water in the streets? Turn your head. Look for the water fountain in any of the newly renovated squares. It is easier if they are celebrating something. Usually they keep them without water on regular days, just because they want to save the planet.

You see people being robbed, shot, stabbed, or assaulted in plain daylight? Turn your head. Look at the pretty new uniforms of the hundreds of young boy and girls who now have nothing better to do than become police officers. They are always taking selfies in the streets, so you may even get one with them and brag in your social media.

You run into blocks of old houses falling apart? Turn your head, look for a new mall. There gotta be one near you. Efforts are being made to provide every town with new attractions and distractions to see the silver line of things. Do not focus on the negative; see the positive things that money laundering can buy. We even have flying restaurants now!

Enough negativity. Turn your head from ugly news, watch Miss Venezuela (Maite Delgado is such an influencer and a pacifist), watch the soccer World Cup (disregard all the fake news about how Qatar got to host the cup, how those stadiums were built, or how human rights are allegedly violated there. Who does not violate human rights? Come on!).

You can always turn your head and by turning your head you can turn your whole world around. You got torticollis? You can always turn your whole body! There is no excuse for not being optimistic.

Tormented by Twitter’s noise? Turn your head, look at Instagram!


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This was my entry to @mariannewest and @latino.romano’s 5-Minute Daily Freewrite: Tuesday Prompt: TURN YOUR HEAD. You can see the details here.

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@hlezama i love the last line that there is no excuse for not staying positive...all one has to do is change perspective

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