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I just learned that the game we used to call La Candelita (a little fire) is also called “four corners,” so I decided to write this Friday freewrite using the memories of that game in conjunction with some thoughts about the hard situation Venezuelans live now every time they face medical issues.


Una Candelita...

La candelita was a fun physical game we used to play back in the day, when kids actually interacted with other humans in the real world.

Unlike the version I have seen in English, this game was not an eliminating game, but a chasing game. Simply put, five players picked corners and an “it” (with a coin or any other selection design). The player who became “it” would be in the middle of the square formed by the four corners (natural objects, like rocks or trees; or artificial area painted by players on sidewalk, playground, or pavement). He or she would then ask any of the four players on the corners for “una candelita” (a little fire). The player would answer “por allá fumea” (follow the smoke over there). The "it" player would then head in the direction of the corner indicated while players trade places in the square. If the “it” player intersects a corner, then he or she will keep that corner and whoever player is left out becomes the “it” that will ask for a candelita.

I have fond memories of the hall in my high school (Juan Manuel Cajigal) during recess. It was a game I liked to play because it was physical, but we did not get our uniforms dirty. It was a game that demanded speed, cunning, and peripheral vision.

Ironically, when it comes to solving problems in our country (especially involving public services) we feel like we are playing la candelita. We are sent from one place to another and in no place we find solution to our problems. If anyone gets sick, putting together the money to cover medical expenses becomes another form of candelita.


That’s why I am sharing the rewards of this post with @omairita, a fellow hiver who happens to live also in Cumaná. @mariajruizb started an initiative to collect money to help her mother-in-law and I want to contribute my share. You can see the details of the initiative here

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This was my entry to @mariannewest and @latino.romano’s 5 Minute Freewrite: Friday Prompt: four corners. You can see the details here.

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We used to play that in Germany as well. I don't remember what the call was for changing places but the same principal :)

Cool. It's interesting how some games some people call autoctonous, actually exist everywhere. The beauty of folklore.
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Muy interesante la relación que le diste al juego con la realidad de nuestro país y es como dices amigo, uno mismo tiene que buscar las maneras de resolver, fué por eso que hice esa iniciativa porque desde que estoy aquí siempre he sentido que hay muchos corazones nobles como el tuyo que está aportando para esa noble causa. Delvolverle la sonrida a un ser humano es salvarle la vida. Gracias amigo por tu apoyo, un abrazote.

De nada, @mariajruizb
Lo hago con gusto. Todo el que ha pasado por una situación similar (y hoy día eso significa casi todos) sabe lo difícil y frustrante que es. Todo por una buena causa.
Que haya salud!

Lograste una buena explicación basada en a realidad, @hlezama.
Y te felicito por la labor social. Lamento que mi voto sea tan pequeño, pero
reblogeo tu publicación para ampliar su difusión.
¡Éxito en la recolección de fondos!

El gesto vale más que el voto, @miguelarl

Gracias, pero lo ideal es que se sumen ambos.