My Five Minutes of Free Writing #43 / ready

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Being ready is the dilemma we face whenever we are organizing an event, a clear example is happening right now with us here, as we have a two night event where we will be receiving the visit of some international guests.

Although the event was planned a long time in advance there always seem to be details that slip through the cracks and prevent us from being ready or prepared ahead of time as there are details to correct right up until the start of the event.

We are receiving guests from Mexico and the United States and being part of the organizing committee makes me aware of the great amount of resources and effort that is needed to organize an event like this, it is not easy to be ready, there is a lot of work and people involved to be able to carry out the activity.

The event will be a congress and concert that will be held in the city for two days, starting this Tuesday, November 29, and ending on the evening of November 30, so as I write these lines the final details are being fine-tuned in the preparation of the location where this activity will be held.

Even though it takes a lot of effort and resources to be ready to carry out the event, we believe that it will be a total success because all the details involved in an activity like this where we will be presenting the gospel of Christ, besides sharing worship with our Lord in the company of invited Salmistas from Mexico.

I can say that an activity of this magnitude is the first time that it takes place in the city, at least from the side of faith and there is an atmosphere of enthusiasm, a great expectation of what God will do with us these days in this congress.

Friends, although I have already mentioned all that is involved in the preparation of an event of this magnitude, we believe that we are ready to receive this event, and we are confident that everything will go very well.

Let me know what you think!