Hot Coals

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This prompt brings so much memories to my childhood. We used to visit my maternal side of family at a small village called 'Batu Arang' in Malay language, literally means charcoal stone. Everything was basic kitchen utilities including the cooking stove.

Did I mention stove?

Because we did not have stove at all, there wasn't any gas. The 'stove' was self-built using self-made bricks, stacked up into a cube wall, and leaving the center empty for coals. I remembered all I could help was fanning the coals so that it got burned and really hot. I also loved using the long scissors, its function was to grab the pieces of coal.


Photo is taken from, captured by Andrew Kosohokov

Setting up hot coals during those time was like a routine - two to three times per day. And we had big bags of charcoals from I didn't know where. I was still young. Perhaps 6-7 years old. Not sure why, but food cooked in hot coals tasted more fragrant, even water boiled had a distinctive taste to it. I am not sure how to explain.

But after my grandparents passed away, most decided to shift to the city and sold off the house. Village house was special, big with 10 rooms, although mostly made from wood, 30% bricks.

If we would to use coals for cooking again, it must be the Internet world has gone. Where will we have so much time to slowly set up the fire? Now watching Eth gas fee already costs our time and heart. No one has time to set up hot coals fire for cooking.

We are in an instant-gratification world. Microwave, airfryer, oven help us to speed up cooking. So that we have time for other work. But of course, on and off, when we are on holiday, we wouldn't mind to have some BBQ. Or setting up fire due to winter now to warm the body.

For everyone who is in winter season now (my country do not have 4 seasons), stay safe, stay warm while heating up the house. My regards to you. I know it will be cold although I am not sure how cold it will be, but take care.


Photo is taken from, captured by Clay Bank




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