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Sometimes, freewriting following @mariannewest turns into an English class for me, like this moment. Honestly, I did not know what was mulch, so I didn't know what was mulch pile about. Searching online and they outlined all the compost pile and how to start a compost.

I hope I am correct that it has to do with compost.

I am no gardener here and the apartment is small, if I really want to plant something, it must be the hanging style, but I have not started yet although I would love to plant own herbs or maybe something easy like garlic, ginger and spring onion. Are those easy to plant?

I have a friend who really is all out for making the earth greener and he uses all sort of trash from the kitchen as compost for his garden. What I could recall was veggies skin like when you peel of carrots, or other root's skin, oranges skin. He also collected some dry leaves from the ground as well as egg shells, making them into compost for his plants.

Not only for his plants, he even saves all the water he used for washing rice as the water to water his plants, and he uses the water to wash his face too. My heart goes out to him when he ensures his daily life revolving around making the earth a saver place, say no to plastic etc etc. He knows so much and he was invited for alot of save-the-earth talk.

I think I need to stop talking about him or else I will he chasing another rabbit instead of writing thoughts on 'mulch pile'

Compost, it has to be compost.


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Apartment living got me used to maintaining terrariums. Little succulents are so great little house plants