Great Balls of Fire (Weekend Freewrite - 01/25/2020)

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Image by Emily Hopper from Pixabay

Prompt First Sentence: Aimee was fascinated with her own shadow. She kept looking at it, scratching it...

She was so focused in the task, that it was too late before she realized she was being picked up and cradled against a warm chest.

Purring as she recognized the scent of the person carrying her, she tilted her small feline head and stared intensely at the person who held her.

Her Master was back, it had felt like years since he had gone.

Image by Simon Giesl from Pixabay

Prompt 2
When a sorcerer moves to attack, you can defeat him easily with his own power.

Aimee watched as her Master held up a huge mirror in front of him, seemingly using it as a shield as a way to demonstrate his teachings to these young humans.

She never really understood the concept of mirrors; most of the time they provided her with playmates who always seemed to mimic her movements, which made her grow bored too soon. But sometimes, she'd see her Master walking straight through them!

There was one time that she tried following him through it, because maybe her playmates were on the other side, but she only ended up knocking the mirror and breaking it. It was also the last time she saw her Master until now.

As Aimee kept her gaze focused on the mirror, she failed to notice the blast of light that grazed off its surface that headed towards her until-

Image by John Collins from Pixabay

Prompt 3
a raised eyebrow

Was all Elexius could muster as he looked at his kitten, wrapped in swaths of cloth, as the healer held her towards him.

"Don't worry Grand Wizard, she'll be back to normal in a few weeks, you just gotta check on her from time to time."

Bewildered, Elexius stared at the tiny bundle in his arms. It'll take Aimee a while to get used to her fluffy wings, but what he dreaded the most was the other possibility.

Just then, Aimee seemed to stir awake and proceeded to have a coughing fit. It wasn't until she let out a great fiery sneeze that Elexius knew to fear the worst.

It would surely be an eventful few weeks.

* * * * * * *

Author's note: In line with my attempts to expand on previous weekend freewrites / we-writes, I'm once again presenting another sequel.

It all started with @Zeldacroft's We-Write #8: Partner We-Writes are Back!. The prompt was Wizard.

It progressed to @tristancarax's The Maze: We-Write #8: Partner.

Then, my own ending to that first part... In Hunger You'll Find (We-Write #8 -- Partner We-Write)

* * * * * * *


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I really enjoyed reading this! Nice writing skills!

Thank you so much 😊😊

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I loved it. Good to read a story again.

!trdo and 💕. Have a great day

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Thank you so much! 😊😊

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Thanks to @wakeupkitty's nomination to Friday Favorites, I found this post.
What a great story - and what a lot of stories in progress you have going on. #loveit!
This is awesome: ****sometimes, she'd see her Master walking straight through them**** time she tried following him through it....but she only ended up knocking the mirror and breaking it.
And didn't see Master again until now... and that!
Delightful - with suspense swirling through it all!

Nice one. Thanks @wakeupkitty for your recommendation.

Thank you so much! 😊😊

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You're welcome.

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Good story,
Cat say :
Magic mirror ! Magic mirror !
Where is my master