Henry was the CEO - #freewrite - Prompt - 'Institution'

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Henry had been the CEO of 'Clamnet' for quite a number of years now.

The corporation employed over 100 workers and was instrumental in the way that large corporations managed their energy usage.

Henry himself had started as a junior and worked his way up.

His really big break came when he developed the return sequence for feeding excess energy back directly into the grid of the business concerned, thereby reducing the load on the main supply, and thereby reducing the risk of brown outs for the greater population.

He had discovered that whenever excess energy was spiked from some of these businesses it would not only create a surge into the general system but would also create an extra drain at the same time and quite often this would result in brownouts in surrounding suburbs.

Of course when Henry invented the return sequence he was quickly promoted to the higher ranks of 'Clamnet' and found himself being praised and respected every day, people would always fuss over him and make sure he was taken care of.

Henry couldn’t believe how well he was taken care of, there were always secretary’s running around making sure his every need was looked after, they would bring him meals and drinks when he wanted them, sometimes when he didn’t.

'Clamnet' even provided hotel rooms for them and he never had to worry about his day to day living. He could concentrate on the running of 'Clamnet'. It really was a very efficient and mindful corporation.

Now he was the CEO he was responsible for all of the employees of the corporation and in making very big decisions that would determine the future of the corporation.

He would attend Board meetings where important decision would be made and had a very supportive Board. There was Geoff, Ian, Stephen, Maggie and Lucy and even old Stan would attend meetings every now and then, although Stan wouldn’t say much but would always give an approving look when a decision had to be made.

Every now and then one of his chief scientists would come and ask him about Televisions and Aeroplanes and stand there with his clipboard taking down notes. Henry couldn’t think why they would bother him with such trivial things but he always had time for all staff no matter what.

'Clamnet' was so efficient that everyone wore a uniform dependent on their role in the corporation, it was a very efficient way of determining who was who and what was what.

Henry liked this structure, it allowed him to get on with the business at hand without being distracted by who he needed to ask for what.

There was one thing that Henry didn’t really like, and that was the sign above the entrance. It said 'Clamnet' Institution, he found this Galling as it wasn’t an Institution, this was a Corporation and no matter how many times he asked the maintenance people to change it, the sign always stayed the same.

Just at that moment one of the secretaries walked over to Henry holding a small plastic cup with his special tablets



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