Ten Past Seven - #freewrite - Prompt 'Dead Battery'


Tosh was 18, he still lived at home with his parents, unlike a few of his mates, they had moved into a flat together and were, by all accounts having a whale of a time.

Tosh knew though that he was saving a Ton of Money this way. His apprenticeship didn’t pay all that well, but would lead him to be able to work for his Dad as a qualified Electrician, he only had 1 more year of Tech College and then he could be on the Job and he and his dad could make a great team.

Tosh got along with his dad really well, so there would be no problems there.

Today was Saturday, it was late afternoon and after a hard weeks work and study Tosh felt like he deserved a night out.

He had organised a nice dinner a drink and then he was going to go out dancing at the club.

That is of course if Emily wanted to go dancing.

This was his first date with Emily and he had been looking forward to it all week.

Tosh met Emily at Tech College, she was also doing her Electrician apprenticeship and they seemed to hit it off quite well.

They had been spending lunchtimes together and never seemed to stop talking.

Tosh wanted to get this just right, he liked Emily a lot and hoped that she felt the same.

He had arranged to pick her up at 7.30 and had looked at Google Maps numerous times so that he knew how to get there.

He didn’t want to be early and he didn’t want to be late. He wanted to show Emily how punctual he can be.

It was 7.10 if he left now he would make it right on the dot of 7.30

Tosh went downstairs, picked up the Keys to his Datsun, and headed out the door.

He put the key in the Ignition and nothing, not even a glimmer of light on the Dashboard. He tried again.

It was suddenly quite clear to Tosh that he had a dead battery.

He dashed back into the House

‘Daaaad’ he shouted frantically.



Daily 5 minute #freewrite, prompt provided by @mariannewest


Royalty Free Image Pixabay


Super bad timing for the battery to die!

sure was :) Thanks for dropping by and having a read

My pleasure 😊

Hopefully Emily, the fellow Electrician student, will understand that these things do happen with batteries!

ahh, but he may still have made it on time thanks to Dad :)


What a bad timing!
I hate when I think I have made all effort to make things perfect and the universe pulls one on me..😁😁

Sorry Tosh!

Bad timing indeed :) Thanks for dropping in :)

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