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What I saw.

When I saw this picture, I could notice an old man being worried and fearful of a woman, maybe his wife. While she was saying words that maybe are not the loveliest, he was trying to turn up the volume of the radio so he could in a way shut her out.

What I felt.

As a writer, I always listen to some instrumental music to get inspired. Today I mixed it. I observed this picture while listening to some piano music. What I felt doing this was a kind of desperation; seeing this man trying to take the words of his wife out of his mind. I also saw it as if in some way this woman was just a memory, a moment he wants to take out of his life. I felt like he was running away from that; like he was desperate, anguished, and tired of that living.

Running Away

It's been years of living this,
hatred and painful words.
I'm tired, don't you see?
I've been pretending
for so many years.
I've been wondering
for so many times.
When did we get lost?
When do we stop loving us?
Now I feel you so far from me,
and you always have me tied to
your strings.
But I don't want that anymore.
For what I lost I want to find
myself again and try,
to spread my wings and leave all,
because you're not the same anymore.
And forgive if I'm running away,
but I need to find peace,
to find love.

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