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It was not until he began on the red wine and cheese diet that he finally started to loose weight. His body shape changed from old Michel Simon to young Gabin, then to Mireille Mathieu. A couple of weeks later he was Edith Piaf.

In the end they used him as a flagpole on the local library where he could be seen waving the Tricolour on festive days.

This one is for @vcelier

Raoul Dufy - La Rue pavoisée - 1906 - Centre Pompidou


This one is for @vcelier

And it is a good one, thank you.

I figured you might be the only one knowing who Michel Simon was :)

Talk about short form fiction - this one is fantastic! I love it, even though I have no idea who Michael Simon is...

Thanks :) Michel Simon was an actor, I think he actually was Swiss, but he was in a lot of French films, really a lot of them! - big fellow with a very peculiar face. To me he is Pepe from the film called The old man and the boy, which my mother loves and made me find for my girls so they also could see it. It is about a Jewish boy who is sent to the countryside during WWII to protect him and to make it possible for his parents to go underground. So he ends up with this old man and his wife... the man a war veteran who is an ardent antisemite and played wonderfully by... Michel Simon.

Here it is... it is called "The two of us" in English


Reminds me of a french film I saw in college about a priest who had stomach issues and could only survive on bread soaked in a little wine. The community thinks he's a drunk or something even though he's one of the most kind souls in the community

Well. seems I hit the French film vibe after all!

A very short story.

Yes :) It closed rather quickly. Just a tad more than a haiku.