Old friends and a bottle of lager

I have a very good memory. I use it as a party trick when I am together with people who have known me for a long time. It also act as a filesystem of quotes, lyrics and random things someone said once, and this means that when I decide what the title of a post should be, often something from the archive starts to flash in my brain.

This time it was a title from rather nasty song by the Texan metal-band Pantera. "Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills." For some reason I always misunderstood the title I just realised. In Denmark a good old fashioned nickname for a beer is: pilsner or short a pils. So I always thought of it as "... and a bottle of lager." Well, thing is I wanted to write about old friends, not about abusive metal lyrics from the nineties...

When I was bed- and sofa-bound these last couple of month I had far too much time thinking. Drowning myself in literature didn't help. So I planned - oh I planned. I could write a bit on the nice new labtop of my wife, so I wrote glorious plans, business plans, plans for pornographic fantasy novels, plans for black metal lyrics for my upcomming black metal album... and I planned that I wanted to contact some of all the people I left behind in my long life of running.

So when I again could move a bit around I started writing to some of those people. One of them is an old friend that was with me in an early, but very important part of my life. My gymnasium days. Back then I was consumed by longing, always imagining that I would board a ship and sail away, meet a beautiful, brown woman... and then board another ship. When I finally left home I did exactly those things, but that is another story. So this old friends now lives on Malta and we have been writing some emails which has been both fun and enlightening. In the latest mail he posted a link to a song by Sting - If I Ever Lose My Faith In You - a beautiful song that obviously had some deep meaning for him that I will ask him about when we finally manage to get that Skype/jitsi/GoogleMeet meeting up and running. But the song is so full of exactly that longing I had when I was 19.

And now I feel like running again. Boarding a ship, sail away...

Here it is:


Don't we all? I know every mother I ever asked this of has told me she has a fantasy of getting in some sort of transportation and leaving her life. Some drive, some sail, some walk, some run, some fly, but in truth, we all stay.

Yes, it is a feeling, not a voyage. In Denmark we have a saying: "the nisse moves with you". It is from an old story about a farmer who had decided to move to another farmstead as he was pestered by the Nisse (a folklore creature that we love and cherish in Scandinavia, a bit like the English brownie - a house God in really). When the man saw the wagon with the furniture rolling down the road he also saw the nisse on top of the load. There's no escaping yourself. But reading can at least for a while let you escape :)

hahaha! Love that story!

The nostalgia I felt going through this post....

Life goes by fast sometimes I guess...

Personally, I'm not one for reaching out to old buddies. Especially when it's a virtual form of communication. I mostly prefer physical meetings, or at least calls... Sometimes very close people, including family send me messages and all I do is simply call them back. And if it seems unimportant, I just let it slide. A bad habit I guess...

Reading this post now though, I'm realizing I probably need to go respond to some very old messages, and perhaps stir up the good old nostalgia once again...

Cheers mate!

To life, and running 🥂

I never did reach out to old friends either even though I always admired it in others. Now I did. I always hated telephone-calls. After some tragic and devastating deaths in my youth I always told myself it was those terrible phone calls that did it, but I don't think that any more... I just don't like it. So I have a better experience with video-calls, probably because I don't have had to do any workwise, I like to see the person too... but of course it is better in real life, just not possible when he lives on Malta.

I like to write emails as if they were good old letters too, actually.

Well, thanks for the comment. It does some strange things when you suddenly break your habits.

I agree that's a beautiful song, man. I take trips down memory lane like this sometimes and the feeling of nostalgia is always refreshing, it reminds you of some parts of yourself you had forgotten or haven't been in touch with for a while.

You mean you once ran away? Damn, look who has lived the dream life😀😀

Dream life indeed. I'll write you soon!

My memory can be both good and bad. I remember a load of songs and enough trivia to do well in quizzes, but it can fail me at times.

I read yesterday about a cliff in the south of England and remembered that we had holidays there over 40 years ago. I tried writing a sort of autobiography for the family archive recently and I keep remembering more events. The mind is a strange and wonderful thing.

Stay well.


I is a strange thing. Remembering is a job. I think that I started remebering when I was child because we moved around a lot. I lived in Sweden for a couple of years when i was 4-6. But the men in my family has what we in Denmark call a sticky brain (or glue brain). My eldest daughter has it too.

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