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He not only hated the music of the Rolling Stones, he hated string instruments in general. He could work himself into a frenzy when he was awoken by drunk people in the night, and he more than disliked when food was piled together in a bun. To him the proper way of eating were with meat, salad and potatoes each in their own section of the plate, and not inside a tasteless, cardboard like bread with sesame seeds on top. He was against women putting all those things in their hair: headbands, barrettes, scrunchies and coconut cleansing conditioner. It was an ingrown idea of his that a proper and nice girl should have natural, free-falling hair. He didn't meet those girls very often, and when he did they weren't attracted to his grumpiness. But they did cast some sunshine into his life none the less. The list of things that he loathed could go on forever, and even though he sometimes tried to write them all down he lost track already while outlining the different categories.

The list of things he liked was much shorter. Bagpipe music was on that list.


(Somehow I feel that I need to make a digital painting every time I post something. This looks a bit like my old math teacher... )


Some people are so intolerant of the rich variety that is people. That's behind a lot of the problems of this world. Embrace it!

Oh, and bagpipe music can be terrible.

There's a reason why you walk all the way up in the highland mountains to play it :) I am sure Vincent from Phill with his beloved "Airy Aibell" wouldn't agree.

My brother in law plays the pipes, but the neighbours don't appreciate it :)

Haha, I can imagine. A friend of my daughter has the same problem. She lives in a newly build student accommodation and there's a large flat area around it which has been chosen by a pipe and drums band for its remoteness to buildings... but not remote enough to her taste.

You old maths teacher was a bit googly-eyed then. Mine was Chinese and made you do tough stances as punishment, oriental style. The shit teachers could get away with then.

He was ugly (you have to add glasses and German bathing sandals when he was our swimming teacher) - but I guess he was an OK guy. No punishment in neither the oriental, nor the Nordic fashion. But not an eye pleaser for sure.

Well bagpipe music...he's my kinda guy even if he does have a list of 'hates' LOL @katharsisdrill

I thought of him as the eternally grumpy - sometimes I prefer them to the overly positive.

Lol...I know the feeling!

A list-maker too? :)

Yes, but I mean't hating things - I hate bag pipe music!

His looks fit the part -- well written and drawn -- and WELCOME OVER HERE in Freewriters, my main hangout!

Thanks! I am still trying to find the right places to post - I was also at the ink well before, but I am not that pro when it comes to writing. It is more like a sort of relaxation.

Then you are in the right place, right here!

Yes, I guess I am :)

Really, that the digital painting look like your math teacher? Haa. Very handsome math teacher. Oh my God.

He did look like that - and had glasses.