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After a crazy 2021 where I have been completely incapacitated I am, thanks too some of that wonderful medical science, on my way back. An as it always happens when a dam bursts it tend to get a bit hefty. I am currently working on so many projects that I hardly have time to write about it.

So it has been all too little time I have had to recreation and simple joys. None the less. The other day I found a musician that was completely new to me, even though he is a Dane and even though he is part of a scene and type of music that I cherish: Jazz! His name is Bjarke Falgren and for once there's a jazz violin player that does not sound like Stephanie Grapelli. He has an incredible pizzicato technique that is both original and inventive. In the clip below he and German guitar player, Sönke Meinen (who is a chapter all in himself) sit in some summerhouse and play a tune that just might be a bit late as it is no longer summer here in Copenhagen.

As it is I actually enjoy the return of the darkness, the smell of wetness, the night lights of the city.

This is for @steevc who I know is a music lover and not least when it comes to string instruments.


Those guys are really good. Interesting that it's the violinist who seems to have all the pedals. I notice the guitarist seems to use 'Django' chords rather than barre chords. I have done some Django stuff, but need to study it more to learn what it can do for me.



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Spectacular violin playing! Love this.

This is wonderful @katharsisdrill they have a sound that can work as muzak in the studio but also engangeing enough to sit with a cuppa or cocktail and really fall into it.

I'm sorry to hear you've been ill so much, not sure how I missed that, but not being as involved in hive as before, but trying again :)

Thank you for this :)

Some really beautiful playing, thanks for sharing, man

Hey @katharsisdrill, sorry to jump in off-topic.
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Your feedback about the project is welcome too.
Thank you.