Here's That Dog Again! - #ZapFic50Friday "Mirror"

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Here's That Dog Again! - A Short Story to the #ZapFic50Friday "Mirror"

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This post is an entry to the ZapFic50Friday "Mirror"!

The #ZapFic50Friday is a literary initiative from the Freewriters Community in which writers have to create a story, using the prompt provided, with exactly 50 words: no more, no less!

Here's That Dog Again!

Rocky thought to himself: "I don't like that dog".
"He follows me around, and keeps doing whatever I do. If I jump, he jumps. If I bark, he barks. If I put one ear up, he puts one ear up".
Rocky looks into the lake: "See? Here's that dog again!"

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Rocky sounds like a puppy, they always do that 😂

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