Gnarled Tree

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Gnarled Tree - a Freewrite

I am sitting here, on my sofa, at home. Finally - or is that weird to think that after so many months of just being at home.
Here I am. Sitting on my sofa and looking out the window at a beautiful gnarled tree. I know the person that houses this particular tree in his yard and I know that the tree is gnarled because he doesn't know how to trim a tree and just hacks at it ever so often.
There is an art to trimming a tree. A way to do it to cause very little hurt, encourage new growth in the direction to help the tree.
To allow sunlight to come in, to allow room for all the branches. No rubbing or breaking or any of the many things that will give a tree character - I give you that - but it can ultimately kill the poor thing as well.
Trees are so strong and resilient and they survive so much. Like a treehouse nailed into its branches and hacking the tree in whichever which way.
But they also are so sensitive to so many things. Like the temperature in the area just changing a little bit. It gets a bit warmer and borer beetles can survive and munch away on under the bark and kill the poor thing.
Or, little kids with knives - a bad combination in case you are wondering - get it in their heads that they need to peel the bark off a tree to do something with - haven't figured out what the something was. Probably it was just fun to see the bark come off in long strips.
Like I said - kids and knives = no good!

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You are the stone to my ripple in the river!

I love trees and this was a pleasure to read -- and welcome back!

Yes, trimming trees is an art ... and a lot of work ...

Thank you. And for sure - lots of work :)

Yes, trees need the right care if it is in your yard, but I love the gnarled look that nature can give them.

"There is an art to trimming a tree. A way to do it to cause very little hurt, encourage new growth in the direction to help the tree." And an art to writing about it. Well done, Marianne!
How did you create that image - text with a photo - your tech skills are soaring leagues above mine! Go Mariannne!
I found this too late to upvote but I social-media share (Twitter, Facebook). Need to check out those other icons for sharing. And still need to get access to PeakD. It's crazy. Tech-troubles plague me everywhere. I save my usernames and passwords and STILL get the "Wrong!" message, and I can't access my Airline Advantage miles.

Thanks for for your time and talent and tech savvy Marianne. You have many legacies, and Freewritehouse is one of the most amazing!

You are so sweet.
I totally relate to your tech problems - believe you me, I ran into problems all the time.
I did the graphics on Canva. It is pretty user friendly :)

graphics on Canva .... I'll have to look into this.
I did learn how to create a gif - then forget.
I even created a few memes! But doubt if I'd remember that one, either.
Allergic to tech, but inspired that you conquer the glitches and do great things. You're amazing!

Really? I did not know there's an art to trimming a tree. Good to know.
Glad to read one of your short stories. 🙂

We have a lot of Western larches on our property, and the bark seems to fall off of them rather easily. I should do some research and find out if that's normal.

I am not familiar with this tree. Let me know what you find out please :)

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