Day 1981: 5 Minute Freewrite: Sunday - Prompt: she looked happier

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It was a beautiful day, the sun was radiating and the birds were chirping. Helen was in the room getting set for work. Her work had been giving her a tough time.

All the energy, dedication and manpower felt like she had done nothing. This left Helen with nothing but sadness. She always had a worrisome face all the time one sees her.

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One day, her boss sent for Helen and offered her a sealed envelope. She got frightened but summoned courage to open it. As she read through, she jumped on her feet, went closer to her boss and knelt down before him but the man urged her to stand which she obeyed.

She was excited because she had been promoted and her hard work in the company paid off. She looked happy for the rest of her life. As she got home, she settled down and smiled at her new position.