It's #ZapFicMonday, week 29! Write me a story in 240 characters or less!

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ZapFic Monday - week 29
Prompt: “candle"

Another blackout. The darkness terrified Elena. She calmed down and lit a candle. When it went out, she panicked. She heard the front door creak, but not her husband's voice calling her name. Fear struck her.

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+Write a story with 240 characters orless (letters, full stops, spaces, etc) NOT words

+Post to the Freewriters Community.

+Post a link to your entry in the comments section of this post +Use #freewritehouse and #zapfic tags.

+Include the copy of the text with the number of characters, given by the character counter

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+This is my ZapFic-Monday exercise. I invite @felixgarciap and @aotearoa to participate in this fun contest.

+To write in English I helped myself with Google Translate
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wow, how suspenseful.

Vaya, que suspenso.

Yeah! Thanhs for coming

Thank you friend for your friendship, here is my entry

Allá voy.

Good result! You managed to add suspense to your short story!!