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🌿🌿Part 16

Arriving at the village of Honey Cave towards noon, Hangman called out to the blacksmith.

  • Hey, where are you blacksmith, come quickly and take care of the horses, he shouted. The blacksmith, who had been hauling the bales of hay from the cart to the upper floor of the barn, turned his head in the direction of the sound and saw Hangman.
  • Oh my sir, welcome, you've been gone for a long time. blacksmith said. Gıpgıp, who was on the top floor of the barn, looked at the visitors and saw first Mrs. Petunia and then Mrs. Sorrel. He immediately hid, not wanting them to shout and call when they saw him. It shouldn't have attracted attention. Silver stood by the pump, staring at the arrivals. Mrs. Sorrel saw Silver first.
  • Petunia, look at that baby goat how much it looks like Gıpgıp's Silver. she said. Mrs. Petunia turned her head and looked carefully at Silver. In the meantime, both of them had come to the water pump. Mrs. Petunia slowly bent down and looked at Silver.
  • Yes Sorrel looks a lot like our Silver. she said.
    Mud got off his horse and came to them.
  • Sorrel, Petunia, are you now chatting with the goat cubs? he asked. Mrs Petunia,
  • Ya, yes, it was good for us to talk to someone smarter than you. she said. Zinc, laughing he untidied Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel's hands tied to the mule's saddle.
  • Come on ladies, walk to the cage behind the barn. he said. Mud looked at Silver,
  • Goat cub was smarter than me, Mud was grumbled, and he walked behind Zinc. Hangman,
  • Blacksmith, we'll stay here tonight, you take care of the horses, change horseshoes, we'll leave early in the morning. he said. Blacksmith,
    -Ok sir. He said. Hangman called out to his men,
  • I'm going to the inn and you stand by the slaves in turn. he said. Blacksmith hauled horses and mules to the barn. Gıpgıp go down from the haystack
  • Sir, if you want, let me look at the horses and the mule. he said. Blacksmith,
  • They are very important customers. Gıpgıp, bring down the goods from the horses and mule, put in the warehouse and lock the door, take care of the horses and I'll renew the horseshoes. he said. While Gıpgıp was doing what the blacksmith said, Mud and Zinc entered the barn door. Gıpgıp stepped aside. They checked the horses and mules and asked where the belongings were. Gıpgıp,
  • I put the things in the warehouse and locked the door, sir. he said. Mud,
  • Smart boy, beware don't lose anything. said. Blacksmith,
  • Nothing gets lost here sir, don't worry. he said. Zinc,
  • You know well what will happen if the goods disappear. He said. They both tossed a coin to determine who would go first to the inn. On the way to Mud inn, Zinc pulled up a chair next to the slave cage.
  • Boy, get me a table quickly, he shouted. Gıpgıp brought the small table on the side of the barn to Zinc. Silver was standing in front of the slave cage. Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel had given it their full attention. Mrs. Sorrel reached out through the bars and patted Silver's head, turned her ears left and right, and
  • This is Silver, she said, its eyes are staring just like it. Mrs Petunia,
  • I'm not sure Sorrel if this is Silver Gıpgıp must be around here somewhere but we didn't see it. she said. Gıpgıp whistled and summoned Silver after he was out of sight of the men. Silver left the cage and moved towards Gıpgıp. Gıpgıp,
  • Silver, could you forward this note I wrote to Mrs. Petunia? he asked. Silver,
  • Okay, Gıpgıp, it said and got the note, walking past Zinc who was counting his money, to the side of the cage. Mrs. Petunia saw the paper in Silver's mouth. Silver set it down, shoved it into the cage with its foot, and sat and waited for Mrs. Petunia to read the note. Mrs. Petunia slowly picked up the note, and Mrs. Sorrel came to her curiously. They both read the note without making a sound. Gıpgıp had written to them that he was working in the barn and that they had to pretend they didn't know him when they saw him. Both of their eyes sparkled with joy. Mrs. Sorrel quickly cut the note into tiny pieces and hid it under the straw on the floor. They silently waited for Gıpgıp to come. After Gıpgıp had finished his dinner, he asked Teapot for bread and cheese to take to Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel. She added boiled meat and potatoes when she learned that bread and cheese would go to people to be sold as slaves. Gıpgıp thanked her for everything and quickly made his way to the slave cage at the back of the barn. Silver had not left the side of the slave cage. Mud had taken over the watch from Zinc. Silver didn't want Mud to cause Gıpgıp any trouble, so it slowly approached Mud before Gıpgıp arrived.
  • Come on, Mud, fall into a deep sleep until I say wake up. Silver said. Mud fell into a deep sleep without realizing what had happened. As Gıpgıp walked by the Mud with cautious steps, he saw his snoring and sleeping. Silver,
  • Now you can comfortably talk to Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel.said.Gıpgıp,
  • Did you put him to sleep, he asked. Silver nodded and they both walked towards the cage. Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel did not budge when they saw Gıpgıp. When Gıpgıp come to near them,
  • Mrs. Petunia, Mrs. Sorrel Mud is in a deep sleep I brought you some food we can talk while you eat. said. Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel immediately to Gıpgıp's side and took the food he had passed through the opening of the cage. While they were sitting on the ground and eating, Gıpgıp sat on their side. He back to Silver,
  • Watch us, let us know if anyone comes or listens to us. he said. Mrs. Sorrel,
  • Since we were abducted, they were giving only dry bread and water. Boiled meat and potatoes were good, thank you, Gıpgıp. she said. Gıpgıp,
  • Mrs. Petunia, Mrs. Sorrel, tomorrow you'll see Silver as you walking through the woods then I'll save you be prepared. said. Mrs. Petunia,
  • These guys are very dangerous you have to be careful. she said. Gıpgıp,
  • Don't worry Mrs. Petunia, Silver and I have everything planned, it'll be okay. he said. I can't stay here too long. I don't want to draw attention. After I save you tomorrow, we'll talk a lot. he said, he quickly left the front of the cage. Mrs. Petunia asked Mrs. Sorrel,
  • Did Gıpgıp make a plan with Silver, did I hear wrong? Mrs. Sorrel,
  • You heard right, Petunia, somehow they both had made plans together, I hope all goes well. she said. Gıpgıp and Silver as they made their way to the barn, Silver, whispered to Mud,
  • Come on now wake up. said. Mud slowly opened his eyes.
  • Somehow I had fallen asleep, he told himself. He glanced towards the cage to see if there was a problem. Gıpgıp packed his travel bag at night and got some sleep. He got up early in the morning and finished all the work in the barn. When the blacksmith arrived, he was helping Hangman and his men. After Hangman paid the blacksmith's fee, they set off. While they were walking away, Gıpgıp came to the blacksmith,
  • Sir, thank you for hiring me, but I have to leave now. he said. The blacksmith was very surprised,
  • What, did you find a paid job? he asked. Gıpgıp,
  • No sir, I have to leave here. There are many more places to go and see in the world. I have to go there too. he said. Blacksmith,
  • You are a strange child, Gıpgıp. Do what you want to do, if you want to go go. he said. If you happen to be here again, you will always find work with me, remember that. he added. Gıpgıp,
  • Goodbye. he said. He picked up the backpack he had left by the barn door and,
  • Come on, Silver, we have a long way to go, let's go soon. he said. He started walking towards the forest. Blacksmith stared after both of them for a while, then nodded and entered the barn.

The story will continue tomorrow, thanks for reading🙂🙂

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