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🌷🌷Part 25
Mr.Dustyfoot went to the village leader and explained the situation. He said there's a chance the slave traders might come after them. The village leader said to the chief of the mobile guards and explained the situation. He told them to be careful. The leader of the village and the chief of the mobile ranger detachment saluted Mr. Dustyfoot respectfully. And Mr. Dustyfoot left the village leader's house. Word spread quickly that the most powerful healer in the area had returned to the village. When he came to his house, he saw the villagers gathered in front of his door. They were all eagerly awaiting him. He greeted all of them and invited them to his home. The house was jam-packed. Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel helped Mrs. Dustyfoot distribute the food and herbal teas she made to the guests. Till the evening falls and everyone disperses, a lot of people came to the house and went. When the house calmed down and the preparations for dinner began, Mr. Dustyfoot went to the room where Mr. Chatty and Gıpgıp were staying, and knocked on the door,
-Is there a permit? he asked. Gıpgıp,
-You can come, Mr. Dustyfoot, he called. Mr. Dustyfoot opened the door. Mr. Chatty was sitting on the divan by the low window, he had dressed in the clothes given to him and washed cleanly. He looked a little better now. Gıpgıp had pulled up a chair next to the sofa, and he pulled up a chair for Mr. Dustyfoot too. Mr. Chatty,
-Thank you for your help and hospitality, Mr. Dustyfoot. he said. Mr. Dustyfoot,
-No matter, Mr. Chatty, I'm glad if I have been of some help in this journey of to Gıpgıp.he said. He asked how do you feel a little better. Mr. Chatty,
-When you came, I didn't even have the strength to walk anymore, I was thinking how could I escape. It's terrible how people can be so cruel, lose all their human values, and still act as if they were the most valuable. he said. Gıpgıp,
-Don't worry, dad, those days are over. Mr. Chatty,
-Hundreds, maybe thousands, of people have suffered, maybe even worse, what I've suffered, and unfortunately, it seems that this will continue. Mr. Dustyfoot,
-This will continue until people tame the evil inside them, and no matter how many good people there are, there will always be those who choose the dark side. That our duty should be to strengthen and increase the good side. He said. Mr. Chatty,
-Yes, pessimism should never engulf the hearts of the good. he said. Mrs. Petunia,
-Come on, dinner is ready, she called. Mr. Chatty walked slowly to the main room, and the delicious meals prepared by Mrs. Dustyfoot were consumed in the company of conversation. Mr. Chatty, Gıpgıp, Mrs. Sorrel, Mrs. Petunia, and Silver stayed for a week in the village of White Squirrel. Healing quickly with medicinal herbs, Mr. Chatty was now ready for a long journey. Just as they were starting their journey preparations; Hangman and his men were caught wandering through the taiga forests. When proven to be slave traders, they were sent to jail in Ruby, the capital city of the Ruby Land. This was very good news for all of them, they were overjoyed. When the day of the journey came, they said goodbye to the villagers of White Squirrel, they loaded their burdens on the back of the Strong, and set off towards the village of Cheerful River. Mr. Dustyfoot led them to the border of the Ruby Land. He said that he had sent word to the head of the town of Fox Den and that no harm would come to them from him. Maybe they parted, hoping to meet again one day.

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