The Rose Water (story freewrite)

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"What was that smashing sound?"

It was the rose water. The carrier bag, that contained it, had been dropped to the ground

Luckily, there was nothing else in the bag. It will be easy to clear up and it won't be too difficult to go and buy another one. The supermarket is across the road.

Half an hour later, I am back at the supermarket.

"I'm not sure where this story goes now," I thought to myself. "Walking into the supermarket and buying some rose water, isn't an exciting adventure."

But, that is exactly what I did. I got a new bottle and walked home with it.

To get home, I need to make two crossings to cross the crossroads. I then find my way to the building of my apartment, then make my way to the front door

Not very exciting

"I was, kind of, hoping that there would be an incident. As a result, I would have benefited from breaking the rose water bottle. That would have made for a good story. No such luck today."

I put the rose water in the refrigerator and then went to bed.

"I wonder if I can still make a story out of this. Maybe I'll have a dream. For now, let's go to sleep."

I woke the next morning.

"No dream. Nothing. That's a shame. Maybe I'll have to find myself something else to write about later. I'll let it go."

I walked to the kitchen and made myself a coffee. I poured out some cornflakes into a bowl. I went to the refrigerator to get some milk.

But something was not right

"Where's the rose water?"


Freewrite as a freewrite, prompt by @mariannewest.


Oh no!!! Where did it go?

I have no Idea. Hehehe.