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This is my post for #freewriters Wednesday prompt golden hosted by @mariannewest

The picture is of my plumeria or what some people call fangi pangi. They come in many different colors but I love the golden color of the yellow plumeria. I thought I would start my post on a positive note because the rest of it is not.

Last October my husband woke me and said he had to go to the hospital, he was in terrible pain. I took him there and after a lot of testing they found out that he had something blocking his intestines, he could not even pass gas.

They took him in for emergency surgery and found that a stitch had come loose and his intestine had fallen through the loop. He had had hernia surgery prior to this. The Dr told him that it was a one in a million thing. He even called him his one-in-a-million patient.

Our daughter's husband has been having a lot of pain on one side and went to the Dr. He found out that he had some sort of infection that he had to have an operation to clear up.

When the doctor came to talk to him before the operation he told the doctor which side was painful and the doctor told him that he was a surgeon and knew where to operate.

After my son-in-law woke he saw that the Dr operated on the wrong side. The Dr now says that he had an infection on that side so he decided to clear it up. Even if there was an infection on that side, it was not painful like the other side was. Now he has to go back and have the side that has been bothering him operated on.

This Dr is not golden he is the same one that operated on my husband.

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