Pop Up WeWrite Contest!

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Here it is, another unfinished story for y'all to finish, should you care to. The "rules" (these have changed slightly) are after your prompt story, which appears below in bold type.


The ducklings were stopping traffic. Well, not exactly traffic. Just the one car. The car I was in with my husband. The windows were rolled down to let in the fresh air. We were city folks, who'd left home for pastoral scenes and country air. Outside the car were nothing but rolling hills, stretches of forest, white clapboard houses and red barns. A dozen or so black cows, and a family of ducks.

"There is no way I am going to that party!" I yowled while I banged the steering wheel.

"You're going if I have to drag you!" he yowled back.

"You'll have to pull me by the hair!" I screeched out the open window. I didn't know I could screech like that. I was pissed.

That's when I heard the clop clop clopping coming up fast alongside the car.

"What on earth is that noise?!" I was grateful for the distraction, but what was that unearthly noise?!

I saw a horse nose pass the car and stop right around the level of my car's headlights.

A straw hat with sparkling eyes and a long long beard appeared in the driver's side window, my side. Inches from my steaming mad face.

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I will reward anyone who finishes the above story. The amount of the rewards will be determined by the payout of the post and the number of entries.

Contest Guidelines

You may head any direction and/or distance in time and/or space.

Your entry must be posted in The Freewriters Community, hive-161155.

750 word limit.

Bonus points for under 300 words.

Please leave a link to your entry in the comments on this post.

No deadline. Well, before I kick the bucket, if you want your reward.


This is also my entry to @mariannewest's daily freewrite challenge. Today's prompt is duckling.

This was written as a freewrite until my real life doorbell rang. An unfinished story just perfect for a wewrite.

Thanks for reading, and I'd love for you to finish my story for me!


I looked at the terrain you gave us, and the ONE feature that could cause a scarecrow to be moving at the same time as those animals in the springtime ...

The Ducklings Knew Something We Didn't ... Until ...

I didn't know where I was going when I started writing but I kinda like how it ended up


This is my completion of the Duckling story: https://peakd.com/@ubani/duckling-wewrite-story

How very clever. You combine your entry to the daily freewrite challenge with your own contest.

When I write a freewrite that doesn't end, I turn it into a wewrite. I don't intend to do that when I start my timer.

The horse said calm down, I'll be there; and I've got your back! So come on....

Sorry, but Any horse with a hat is a party animal!🐎🐎


This is a beautiful progressing story, I would be dropping my link soonest.

Oh good! I hope you do. I will be giving out the prizes soon.