ZAPFIC: MicroFiction Writing Contest. Week 122: Clear

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Microfiction writing contest ONLY at HIVE !

This is my entry to the #zapfic contest that this week has the prompt: CLEAR.

#zapfic is a very short story written in less than 240 characters.

It's a microfiction contest created by @Felt.Buzz, where every week you will be given a word to develop your story, if you want to participate I leave you the link to the information

This week's ad is:


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The sea reflected its light
and I could see more clear than before.
I cut my right hand;
I offered my blood as a sacrifice
and I promised to spread its power.
From there, the Goddess took my hand
and her energy transformed my whole being.

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An original microfition by @patriciaurbaneja

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