A snowy migration

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Things were tough
An unhappy family of six
We weren't thriving
"A change of environment"
My wife thundered

A search for greener pastures
We all left together
To a supposed wealthy land
Entirely different from ours

Our visas were processed
Everything just at the right corner
And we left with uncertainty to God knows where

Out journey was great
It was a safe landing
Yes, a struggle for a worthwhile life began

Few days into our stay
Lo and behold, it came falling
Some whitish icy substances
Falling from the sky

It sent shivers down our spine
A different temperature we've met
Our skin feeling so absurd
Can we cope? They cried out

And three weeks later
I gave my orders
A hard decision to make though

Pack your luggages!
My voice echoed
It is better to die in my motherland
Than freeze to death in a foreign land

Hey @freewritehouse, here's my entry for the week, I wanna sincerely commend you for never tiring out.


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This is a beautiful poem.

Nice poem with meanings, I like it, keep it up and more Grace to your elbow.

Very nice post, they better leave or freeze to death.

It is better to die in my motherland
Then freeze to death in a foreign land

That I do understand. The shivers will never end.

Thank you for joining pic1000. 👍