5 Minute Freeewrite -richest people

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I used to envy those with lots of money. I've been on both ends of the money wheel, so I know what it's like to have a fair cash flow, and to be flat broke. Now, it seems that all the richest people have it easy compared to everyone else since covid crap. Are they truly lucky and not have any stress, like many do? I wish I had more money and was able to live life more comfortable. I am thankful for what I have, as many are not as lucky as me. Wishing for more money seems to bring on more stress, but in different ways, such as people asking to borrow from you all the time, as was my case back then. How the years made me wiser, but not wise enough to still live inside my means, not outside as is the case now. Lesson learned, don't take anything for granted. When its gone, its gone.....
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