What does it mean to live consciously?

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One of the many ways in which we can live consciously is if we can bring well-being and personal development to ourselves.

The reasons why we choose to live consciously is because we want to live always looking at ourselves from the inside and thus be able to look and see the environment under a better perspective of life, living conscious life means having to face the fears and face them to everything that comes to us.

Consciousness must be elevated above any kind of interest, so there will always be the possibility of living centered in the key moments that life does not demand, but at the same time we must have the ability to react and realize that living consciously does not go beyond acting responsibly.

I conclude by reflecting on the fact that when we decide to live consciously it is because we transcend in time, it is of no use to live clinging to the things of a yesterday that has already been overcome, and it is of no use to live anxious about a future that has not yet arrived.