Broken Bones & Stone Homes

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Sticks & Stones
Broken Bones & Stone Homes

Each echo of you leaves a poison
deep inside, there is no escape
I can't spin around like this
I want to purge every oz of you

I miss how you would bite
my lower lip, how we use to play
with the touch of our skin

I miss resting my head on
your thighs, reading, and making
silly faces and the kids
run in and outside,

I need a hit, I don't want
to feel you now

I want to get high and not
come down, with each taste
of your lips, Can you feel me now?

Maybe we could never feel each other?
Lost in the Idea of each other
we both couldn't get past ourselves
now we are left with only the self

It's too early to think like this
a memory is just that a memory
and not the actual fucking thing
You lost the actual thing
so pack the apple & float on

I think I'm ready now
I think I'm ready now
I think I'm ready now

maybe just one more time
around the block & a bowl


Day 1264: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: stone house


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