Frogs Can Fly - Five minute freewrite Day 1842

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Once upon a time there lived a frog who owned a magic carpet. This was unusual, since genies and princes usually own such devices, And this was not the sort of frog who needed to be kissed in order to turn into a handsome prince. It was just a basic frog. The carpet had belonged to his great grandfather, and nobody remembered where he had gotten it.


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The frog found life near the pond to be a bit boring sometimes, so he would hop onto his magic carpet and tour the nearby countryside and cities. In this way he became acquainted with many other frogs, toads, and lots of birds as well, since he was in their airspace and sometimes even ran into one. The carpet didn't steer well, you see.

Sometimes the frog would see other carpets hanging out on fences or clotheslines to air or to dry, and he always assumed they were magic carpets, too. Being a frog who lived by a pond, he really didn't know much about carpets, and certainly nothing at all about carpet cleaner salesmen.

One such salesman happened upon the frog beside his pond one day. the salesman had gotten lost and got out to see if he could find a farm house and get directions. Instead, he found this beautiful carpet lying beside a pond. It was quite dirty, of course, since it was always outdoors.

The salesman decided to clean that carpet. The frog objected, but the salesman didn't understand frog-speak. Soon the carpet was sparkling clean. The salesman sat down on the carpet to rest, and it flew off with him on it. Nobody ever saw the salesman or the carpet again.

Time's up!
The end

Thanks to @mariannewest for the daily freewrite prompts.


GREAT STORY!!!! Wonderful freewrite, a magic carpet ride of its own. Love this.

Thanks for reading my little tale. It's fun to see where a story goes when there's no plan.

Great story! I feel that I identify with this frog!

Hmm, I'm trying to decided if that's a good thing or a bad thing! Ha ha!

Haha, let the salesman go fly a carpet.

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