Ramblings of a Purple Hue - Freewrite Day 1067

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It has been a dreadfully long time since I wrote a freewrite. I've been busy this summer, what with a big garden to tend, and driving my husband to many doctor appointments, and struggling to get through the drinking binges he began in May. He hasn't been drunk for 4 weeks now, and I find myself holding my breath, wondering when it is going to happen again. He reluctantly agreed to outpatient treatment. So far, he has seen a counselor one-on-one, twice. He will likely join a group session in a couple of weeks. I hope it helps him. I know he has a lot of old emotional baggage from his early years that he needs to open up and empty out and deal with.

Meanwhile, the garden is winding down. I only had four colors of gladiolus this summer: lots of yellow, a few purple (the photo makes it look blue, but it wasn't), a couple of pink, and several red and white ones. I do like my glads, and they make such stunning bouquets! If my lilacs ever get big enough to bloom, one of them ought to be purple. I don't remember if the other one is supposed to be pink or white. The butterfly bush is blooming now, although my neighbor said hers bloomed in the spring, which makes more sense. I think mine is confused. It is a deep blue, almost purple, but not quite.

It's supposed to rain tonight, and I hope it does. We haven't had a proper rain for weeks. It would help settle the wild fires and the dust.

Photo taken on my Android phone.


It's good to see you and thanks for the update I am saying prayers for you and your husband.
The news that he is seeking help is very positive. I will keep you in my thoughts as he goes down that path. Your flowers are very beautiful. Good to see you back again even if for a reason of date. I am certainly not as consistent writing as I once was. This whole pandemic/election has got the world topsy-turvy but sometimes I just don't have it in me

Thanks for the encouragement!

big hugs to you! it must be so hard when your partner is having a hard time with life - and making your life harder.
It is always a pleasure to see you in the Freewrite space :)

Thank you for the virtual hugs and the words of encouragement!

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