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As a toddler, Larry didn't own a tricycle in spite of how he fancied it. His father was so poor that he couldn't afford to buy it without sacrificing an unavoidable need of the family. He prayed Larry to understand there were more pressing needs than the tricycle.

Sometimes it would seem as if he understood, but whenever he saw other children on theirs, tears will roll down his cheeks as he cried. His father too will secretly cry and wipe out his own tears. He was helpless so, the best he could do was trying to console Larry.

The mother of the house had died when Larry was barely two years, leaving the father with three kids to raise.

As things turned out, Larry grew up, and rose from the ashes of poverty to become a business tycoon, and a millionaire of no mean repute. In time, he bought a tricycle manufacturing firm and changed the brand name to Larry.

Larry tricycles were of high quality yet, cheap because Larry subsidised the cost of production. Within a short time Larry tricycles were all over the place as people were rushing for them.

During the fifth year get-together to mark a successful business outing, part of the speech of Larry as the Director read:

"I have gone into this production of Larry tricycles for the main purpose of wiping out the tears from every child's face, especially those whose parents have difficulty in buying one for. I never rode one but, I believe every child should have one...".



So he started to produce the item he missed in his childhood and even made an income with it.

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Larry was considerate as he lowered the cost of the tricycles he produced remembering he was once a victim of abject poverty