Darkened by light

in Freewriters7 months ago


Tap! Tap! Tap!
Pat! Pat! Pat!
Please, let everyone let out a loud clap,
For the leaves falling along the bush path;

A variety of them pegged in the forest's heart,
And another band watching the whale's fins flap;
They all inhale air and, almost immediately, breath out,
Some other leaves love unfolding the birthday wrap;

Have you heard of your being a leaf on the tree of life,
Strengthened and freshened by an eastern light;
Tapping your right foot and patting your deathbed,
Until when the light again sheds and a leaf falls off?

That'll be the end of the road for that leaf,
Silenced by the same soft hearted light that made it live,
All we need to do is to be positive leaves,
So that our falls will always in memories cleave.