Anevent - a weekendfreewrite

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A fruitfly up in the sky wondered why a guy spoke with a muffled voice.
Let's have a peep, it said and dove deep into the throat to look around for the lost sound.
I can't see clearly without any light I will ask my cousins if they might help.

Through the guy's nose, the fireflies went in with a broad grin.
Hundreds of twinkling lights brightened up the nostrils and throat like a Venetian boat at night in the canal.

What's that smell, a firefly yelled.
Oh gosh, that's terrible. Is it spoiled coconut oil or something else? I don't feel well!

Right after he had said that he collapsed and slid with his brothers through the throat right into the stomach to land on a bed of undigested shrimp with lemon sauce.

Was undigested, spoiled food causing the muffled voice?
Those fireflies can't tell since each one of them collapsed and fell.
They drowned in the sauce and left the fruitfly in the dark, not one spark of light left behind.

How did this adventure end?
The guy sneezed and sneezed and thanks to those sneezes the fruitfly was saved from the dark. He flung out accompanied by a bubble of snot and landed on a bookmark but hey, he survived the event.

Prompts used
muffled voice
hundreds of twinkling lights
coconut oil
shrimp with lemon sauce

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poor fruit flies but in the end, they were saved.