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RE: I've fallen and I can't get up - bathroom edition

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What a disaster. It happened to me several times and once on the floor I need time to recover and think how to stand up, get back on my feet. My children once tried but that didn't work out well.

I do not know what low or normal is for Western norms... There are low and high toilets mine is 16" high. I guess it all depends too on your body length (I am 5.77 feet).

I wish I had a higher one but only my sink is higher and my kitchen and washing machine are.

If you have a low sink you can use it to pee and one of my foster children had a piece of wood on the toilet to sit on. I think you need some handles or something else to be able to grant and stand up too. Perhaps a chair or... Which you can grab and push yourself up?

Once on the floor and taking a break I crawled whole the way to my bedroom and after the next break I pulled myself up - in some way - at the bed. 🤐

I wish you strength and good neighbors/help.
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