Going through Life. ( Single Prompt Option)

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I woke up this morning feeling lost and stuck. It feels like an unending maze.

When I feel like I finally found a solution, another brick appears from nowhere, throwing me farther into oblivion.

Everything is against you if you're a Nigerian in Nigeria.

Sometimes I want to cry just to relieve myself of stress. Then I realize I can't afford the time to cry cause it's so damn expensive.

So I pretend. I pretend I am not in a maze. I pretend I don't have a huge brick problem to solve. I pretend I am the only one here.

Rather than a time to sit and cry. I float in oblivion. Pretending.... Forgetting.......


I get the strength to solve my brick problem.
Because in this space, we don't walk away to give up.

To oblivion filled with chocolate cakes and Netflix series 🍷

Prompt: don't walk away
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Written for @mariannewest daily freewrite prompt.

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Thanks For Reading!🌻


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Wishing you well and that you continue to solve your brick problems, even at one brick at a time. ✨✨ prompt was aptly used too! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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@wems I just wanted to tell you that it is not where you live or who you are, being lost and stuck is in every walk of life. I live in Florida I own my home, I have family a husband and I also feel lost by life's problems. Life is hard all we can do is keep putting one foot in front of the other. Things will get better then they will change back to bad, I try not to focus on too much of the bad and say "this, too shall pass". I hope you have better days ahead of you, keep stepping.

@wems if this is a picture of you, you are beautiful

Awwn. Yeah, that's me. Thank you😊

Thank you for this. Glad to be back on here.