We are all Mad here

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There's an unspoken rule of thumb in my city when it comes to boarding a commercial bus.

"Never listen to the bus Conductor or you get to work late"

With the loud roar and screams of the bus conductor warning passengers boarding the bus to go in with their specific Transport fare because he doesn't have change to give.

The ignoring games of passenger is so high you would think they all have a hearing problem.

The city people are always working hard to earn their keep. Life in the city is expensive and job is scarce.
So they are not about to let a bus conductor make them late to the work.

And when the bus conductor starts collecting his Fare and half of the people in the bus have given him a large denomination which he has to find their change, a fight ensues.

He insults and curses out his passengers about how he had warned them not to board the bus without their exact Tfare.

Guess what the guilty passengers do?
They curse and insult the conductor back ignoring they were at fault.

I always marvel at the situation. And there's no day you don't come across this set of people.😂

In the City, We are all mad here😎

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