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When confusion reigns
Explosions burst out like flames
Stoking fury that never wanes
Battles rage deadly games

I felt like starting with a little poem. Something burning in me I sometimes fear I may not be able to control. Setting it here so I have something when looking back. Empty space dark and deep I speak volumes of my heat. Not sure even why I'm speaking in tongues, I probably will not understand later. Or deep enough I will remember entirely different.

Emotions are not stable I know it well. Screams shrieking in the other room and I am not sure over what I am not sure. Turning my head I'm tempted to look back at the memories of those days past. Even what am writing is starting to sound poetic. My head is blurry and can't seem to think other than the now.

The Break Fast Club


Random Church


Early Morning Wander


A Feast


And so it ends this chapter
Like a pleasant meal savoured
Take each moment, minds capture
Struggling forward, laboured.


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My post favourite, by me.


Hope you've been able to keep the emotions under control through the week

With my family so distracted at the moment because there is to many other dramas which is helping me forget.

Bit of a rollercoaster there.

Yes, there are times in a man life where sanity and turmoil roil like the ordered hedges hiding chaos.