Addition by Cavafy

Denys Nevozhai

I think this poetry can make a personal statement for some of us. I do feel the poem by Cavafy is assessing the importance of living your life on your own without being trapped by other people's numbers and interests in putting you on their map. Unfortunately, this doesn't come easy these days, and it is much harder to live authentically today.


I do not question whether I am happy or unhappy.
Yet there is one thing that I keep gladly in mind —
that in the great addition (their addition that I abhor)
that has so many numbers, I am not one
of the many units there. In the final sum
I have not been calculated. And this joy suffices me.


Cavafy, on his original Greek name, Konstantinos Petrou Kavafis - 1863 - 1933, Greek poet from Alexandria who wrote historical, philosophical, homoerotic, psychological poems.


Thank you for sharing this and the short intro about the poet Cavafy. I agree with your sentiment about how challenging it can be to live in our own terms these days without having to hear something from other people. Nevertheless, some people are brave enough to push the boundaries and live the way they want and not being bothered by society's standards.

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Thank You for passing by and for your insightful comment. You detailed even better the idea of living today. I am on @LeoThreads
Have a great end of the week.

Thank you lots as well for your kind remarks. And I love that you are on LeoThreads! Just be yourself and share whatever you want there :)

That sounds great. Thank You!

You're very welcome :) Have fun and before you know it, you would have accumulated LEO on your Hive Engine wallet :)

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