The déjà-vu I see in you [Original poetry]


The déjà-vu I see in you

In your gestures
are my sensations
of déjà vu.

In your eyes
are the traces
of the drugs
that I took.

In your eardrums
are the sounds
of the guitars
that I untuned.

In your thighs
are the faces
of the women
that I've kissed.

In your heels
are the crowds
of men with whom
I fought.

Everything is different in you.


beautiful poetry mayyy, sure would be great as a song.

Thank You @aryran. I didn't think about sounds nice.
ps. You're an inspiration for me with your beautiful art 😉

Very good poem, always in our lives we find someone who calls our attention for being very different from us, I love that because I learn many things from them as well as they learn from me, hugs.

Yes, contrasts can also be very appealing. It is indeed fantastic to learn from others and them from you. 🌈

Could this be loved, yeah! Is true, maybe from someone you missed so much

It can be that or the fact that you found a special person who has lots of things to offer. Even though you have already seen those things in other persons, that special mix she has still makes her rather unique...

You are right about all you have said,
Kudos 🥰

You too! 😉
Blessings! 💓

Thank you so much 🥰🤸

For anyone to know you like that is incredible and you word it so elegantly

Yes, I think it is magnificent to have such openness with someone. Thank You for liking the style.
😊 😉

Uniqueness does the magic. When we find that special person, we definitely get the right vibes. Your Poem is beautiful ❤️❤️

Right vibes are important indeed. Thank You! 💓💓