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This is only a reminder to myself and anyone else who can relate. Change the way you think and conduct for the new year, and you will be able to tolerate yourself with optimism. People will use your failures and flaws in life against you. Show them what you've evolved into so they can learn for themselves. Let them know that you are no longer in the spot where they are presently. You are ahead of them.





Don't be scared to begin,
Don't be ashamed to restart.
Each person's challenge is unique.
Even in life and in business.
Even if you require a financial change.
Even if you require a relationship change.
If it already failed,
restart it.
We are not competing with others,
but with ourselves.
If you want to get involved in other people's affairs,
that is your choice.
If you continue to find fault with others,
examine yourself first
before passing judgement on others.
As a result,
you will fall behind
since you enjoy talking
behind other people's backs. They are well ahead of you.
Change is their choices,
If you still feel affected
by the success of others,
that's the nature of your envy that needs to be changed
Be mature,
avoid remaining in the same group.
Learn to appreciate
the good in others
without passing judgement on their history.
Transformation and awakening
The year 2023 is almost coming.
You may either stay put
and keep your negativity to yourself,
or you can risk hurting
your own feelings.
Start taking care of your goals
and your personal affairs.
You are out of place
if you do not care
of the goods in other people
that you do not know yet,
the difficulties they are experiencing.
You do not have the authority
to speak for them.
Change the way you see,
Wish them luck for their achievement,
Stop being nosy,
Then you will live a good life
That I am sure of.




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Great remindee to start the new year. Thanks mel for sharing.

A reminder to me and to everybody A change is good. Change in lifestyle, work, attitude, or whatever else is possible that you need to for the better. We won't lose anything, but we will gain more from the changes we make.
Have a blast New Year, @bluepark.

Very nice and motivating message @mell79, I love it and yes sometimes new beginnings are difficult but often necessary, occasionally get out of our comfort zone to know what we are made of, without pointing out or looking for someone's defects, in the change is always evolution, in short live and let live ♥

Thanks for you comments, @joseitosanchezs. If we stay stuck in the same circle, we will never learn. If the people in the circle only know how to talk bad about other people, you will get stuck with all the negativity they are in. Surround yourself with those who motivate you to be good and better; forgive those who have wronged you, and just move on for a better life. A good sleeps started by forgiving others and positively your life will change.

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you @bluepark & @ecency.
Really appreciate it.
Have a wonderful day and A Happy New Year 2023. ❤️🎁🎉

This is painfully realistic❗❗ this is what a real woman needs to go to before coming out better in everything. To never be afraid to start again in life. Very beautiful reminder😊😊

This is not just for women, but it goes to both genders. We eventually had to go through some event that urged us to change.

For a woman, especially a struggling single mother like me, I have to change for the best of me and my children.

I am glad it can inspire you to change too. Let's make the year 2023 a new beginning.I wish you all the success you have wished for, and may your dreams come true, @janesuiren 💪❤️

You are amazing, i can tell😊 you deserve so much more in the coming years👍👍👍

Thank you, dear @janesuiren. You are amazing too, and let us all strive for a better future together. 💪❤️


I am not ashamed to start all over again.

2023 is fit greater heights.

Thanks for the poem. @mell79

Exactly! Let's do it together for our better self and future! 💪💪💪

Amen to all of the life lessons you shared dear. It is really ourselves that we need to conquer and not others opinion on us.
These are all great reminders. Thank you!🤗🥰

You got it right! Others can say whatever they want, and even if you are at the top, they will continue to talk and talk and talk.
Let them be and just do what is best for ourselves.

Really motivating and inspiring too. Life lessons I wish everyone could learn.

Thank you very much.
This is for myself and everyone else to use as inspiration. Hope it can helps.