Happy Hearts Day!!!! <3

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Happy Hearts Day everyone. And since it's Valentine's Day, I decided to write a short poem to celebrate it. I hope you enjoy it! :)


There were a lot of Valentine's Day related stuff and decoration at the mall yesterday. :)

The smell of chocolate grazed my nose

I see people around in fancy clothes

With big wide smile and teary eyes

The air seems fun and full of surprise

Celebrating LOVE with those they hold dear

It's indeed once again that time of the year


I know it's just short, but I'll try to make more poems again in the coming days. I haven't really written anything for a while now. I hope you all look forward to it. See you around and I hope everyone enjoy their Valentine's.

Remember, LOVE isn't only about romance... There are numerous forms of love... Take care always and see you around!!!

Anyway, here's the written version of my poem. :)



Happy Valentine's Day and as we celebrate love with people, let's remember to show some love to Mother Earth too.

That's for sure! <3