Yeah, I’m a Hive-Dicker.

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A big shout out to @revisesociology for having created the Hive-Dickers Community.

So, yeah, I’m a Dicker.

In his inaugural Dicker post, Karl mention his version of Hive-Dickishness:

  • Posting
  • Reading
  • Commenting
  • Curating
  • Trading on Hive-Engine
  • Playing @splinterlands
  • Waiting for something to happen with @exodegame so you can play that a bit more
  • Jiggling yer Cub Defi funds around
  • And doing all that across Hive Main, LEO, POB and SPT, well those four for me.

My version’s a bit different.

Unlike many here, I never caught the @splinterlands bug. And, yeah, I bought a few @exodegame cards as a pure speculation, but I’m really not much of a Hive gamer. I got into @cryptobrewmaster semi-seriously for a while but gave up on it; it seemed to always be an uphill struggle but others here love it so maybe I’m just a bit dense, a very real possibility. Meh, maybe I’m just not much of a computer gamer. I was a hardcore gamer back in the table-top gaming era. Dungeons and Dragons, Steve Jackson games like Illuminati, Game Designer Workshop’s Europa series, Paranoia, Titan, and lots of hex-based historical simulations (the Napoleonic era, trench warfare, even the Chaco War). But I never really made the transition to computer gaming, other than early incarnations of Sim City.

And I’m not a very serious Cub DeFi Hive-Dicker. But I do dabble there indirectly via CL Hive-Engine tokens.

But all of the other Hive-Dicking that @revisesociology mentioned? Oh yes, that describes me far too accurately.

I wake up and check Voting Percentage (I’ve yet to adjust to the new Voting Mana nomenclature). Claim any HP rewards that haven’t already been autoclaimed overnight. Then manually curate a few posts. Post something that was mostly written the night before, with maybe a few changes. Head over to Hive-Engine. Maybe sell a few shitcoins I’ve somehow earned. Possibly stake a few others. Buy some EDSM (a hidden long-term investing gem that many here are inexplicably not yet aware of) and UTOPIS (speculative high-yield/high-risk) tokens.

Then read and curate, a bit more randomly. Among those I follow and sporadic noobs.

True confession: I don’t comment enough, it’s a growth area. Gotta work on my loquaciousnss.

Hive is sort of like a casino. The reward system has similarities to the random reinforcement strategies used so effectively by casinos. Write posts of roughly similar length, quality, and likely popularity only to find that they get wildly different payouts.

With casinos, this is quite intentional. They understand the psychology of operant conditioning very well, maybe better than someone who was raised in a Skinner box. The brochures near every cashier’s cage with the 800-number for Slotmachines Anonymous are a charade. Their concern for your well-being should be obvious from their refusal to even use the word gambling since they profess to be in the gaming industry, as if Scrabble would fit right in there. Which it would be if they licensed it for their slot machines.

But I digress. Because I’m a Hive-Dicker.


Badge thanks to @arcange


Yay, another dicker. I've been meaning to throw some dicking into dick-mix. It'll happen at some stage.

Can't throw enough dicking about. Speaking of which, that's what I am up to right now!

Nothing like playing around with your dick in the back yard on. Saturday Boomster. Good luck getting that dick erected sir.

Disclaimer: Dick is New Zealand talk for deck for those who don't know. It's the accent don't you know.

I am all about the dick today. No other focus!!!

quite glad of that disclaimer :0D

Lol...Yeah, thought I better add it in case someone actually sees the comment thread. 😊

I'm making pizza and garlic bread for dinner right now so...Pizza focus.

Top dicking! And I will say VP too. Mana is too gamey :0)

I post sporadically. I comment irregularly. I manually curate, and pay only partial attention to token prices. I'm here because I think this is a worthwhile experiment.

Good to have you on board to this MOST prestigious community - keep on dicking!


I've probably miss called at least one of those bots.

NOW, I REALLY need to get off of Hive and go start my day!

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