Izvorska voda je dar prirode 💧🚰💧 Spring water is a gift of nature

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Od davnina pa do danas ljudi rado koriste i piju izvorsku vodu, dragoceni izvori su oni na kojima je voda pitka i obogaćena raznim mineralima.

From ancient times until today, people are happy to use and drink spring water, precious springs are those where the water is drinkable and enriched with various minerals.



Čiste izvore i vode za piće najčešće nalazimo u prirodi, voda iz dubine zemlje prolazi kroz razne slojeve stena, a ti slojevi doprinose da poput filtera prečiste vodu od nečistoća, koju možemo koristiti za piće.
Nema ništa bolje i osvežavajuće tokom leta od hladne izvorske vode.

Clean springs and drinking water are most often found in nature, water from the depths of the earth passes through various layers of rocks, and these layers help to clean the water from impurities like a filter, which we can use for drinking.
There is nothing better and refreshing during the summer than cold spring water.


Bogastvo koje daje priroda ljudi su iskoristili na najbolji način kako bi se voda označila, jer bez vode za piće nema života!
Od drveta i metala su sagradili fontanu, voda je tako čista, njen tok se sliva u drvenom koritu.

The wealth provided by nature was used by people in the best way to mark the water, because without drinking water there is no life!
They built a fountain from wood and metal, the water is so clean, its flow flows in a wooden trough.




Ovakve prirodna bogastva zaista treba ceniti i gajiti, jer je voda jedna od velikog značaja za sve nas.
A ujedno izgradnja ove zaista simpatične fontane na izvoru, kao i čista voda koja teče izazvala je moju pažnju.

Such natural resources should really be appreciated and nurtured, because water is one of great importance for all of us.
And at the same time, the construction of this really cute fountain at the spring, as well as the clean flowing water, caught my attention.

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