Zabeleženi najlepši zalasci sunca na ravnici Banata🌞 Recorded the most beautiful sunsets on the Banat plain

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Jedan od najlepših delova dana je kada sunce zalazi a na nebu se pojavljuju očaravajuće boje od kojih zastaje dah.
Volim da fotografišem zalaske sunca pogotovu na našoj ravnoj ravnici gde je nebo čisto a sunce koje zalazi se može posmatrati sa svih stra bez prepreka, u senci se mogu videti biljke ili koje drvo.

One of the most beautiful parts of the day is when the sun sets and the sky takes your breath away in enchanting colors.
I like to photograph sunsets, especially on our flat plain where the sky is clear and the setting sun can be observed from all sides without obstacles, plants or trees can be seen in the shadows.




Neverovatno crveni tonovi vladaju nebom do sasvim crne nijanse, a biljke koje su u senci daju neverovatne siluete koje se pojavljuju na fotografiji.

Incredibly red tones rule the sky to a completely black shade, and the plants that are in the shade give incredible silhouettes that appear in the photo.



Posmatrajući sunce kako zalazi, grane jednog drveta ga uhvatile kao u mreži, ali ipak se polako izvlači i ostaje potpuno sam na horizontu.

Watching the sun set, the branches of a tree caught him as if in a net, but he slowly pulls out and remains completely alone on the horizon.




Na ravnici se nalazi samoniklo bilje koji pri zalasku sunca daju posebnu čar fotografiji, iako možda izgledaju ravnice napušteno ipak lepota se krije u njima.

There are wild plants on the plains, which give a special charm to photography at sunset, even though the plains may look abandoned, beauty is hidden in them.

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