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"Into the deep and mysterious well of her gaze I dropped the whisper of a little kiss, like a shining silver coin, but it strayed somewhere on the long way to the bottom...
Luckily, I didn't wish for anything..."

Sunday is my day, and this time I'm taking you on a short journey with a wonderful book... Of course, I've only chosen quotes to accompany my emotional journey... with special photos...

Book is: One of those lives...
Đorđe Balašević


"She probably remembers exactly at which meeting we kissed?...
Me, I confess, no... Because I started counting my life only from that kiss, and onward...
Since our first date, there were a million penalties, those movie situations, when we met, in the car, on the stairs, but somehow I was afraid to kiss her, I had a feeling that it could spoil everything? And I was right...
With the first kiss, like a dark red royal seal, she instantly canceled the chaotic pile of my memories, and contemptuously tore out all those pages that mention girls, love, passion... from the pretentious Biography of My Boyfriend. How many missed topics? From a seemingly prosaic afternoon crowd, she came lightly and irresistibly, like a wave, smiled, engulfed me in a hug, and silently retreated towards the dark open sea of ​​her mystery...
And the sea mercilessly knows how to make peace...
Sometimes, the tide leaves me stranded and alone for days and days...
But fragments of That Wave fell into every godlike crevice of This Old Rock...
And, whatever happens...
She will remain in me forever..."


" The road to the stars is only a stage of the circular road to yourself.
If you know the first name, there is no need to go around a lot.
No bro... You arrived as soon as you left.
The target is hidden under the coat, tattooed on the chest as a target.
That's the secret...
That's the only trick..."

One of those lives...


"I have had many such days in my life, and I remember them only because I have forgotten them...
They are like pictures in children's coloring books that come to life only when you work hard on them,
and I, like everyone,
skipped many pages looking for pictures
which I will paint more easily..."

From the book Three post-war comrades


And more than enough years later, maybe with no one, maybe with gray hair and maybe without anyone, you will see a white butterfly on a lilac and open the window with your cheese, luring it to dust your room with pollen, spring. And a little gypsy with a violin will be passing down the street right now , you will see only a thrush's feather on a hat moving after a hat, and you will hear some good old unknown song that you are listening to for the first time and you have known for years. And you will cry at the same time, and finally understand how much I loved you.."

One of those lives...


The lost, misbegotten wander the planet,
desperately searching for those who could so easily be dear and close to them,
and I really don't know what's worse anymore?
To miss that Someone of Yours by a thousand years and a thousand kilometers,
or in a couple of decades and a mere hundred kilometers..."

*One of those lives...


"She solved this riddle of my life simply,
like a pub puzzle with matches
in which by moving a single tree you change the meaning of everything,
and in passing,
as if looking for dust on the display shelf,
she crushed a piece of rotten circus net under her fingers
over which I so thoughtlessly walked the wire,
and at that very moment I became aware
over what an abyss I am,
and what an abyss I am under,
and what an abyss I carry inside me..."

*One of those lives


" Those emotions are strange. You discover a corner inside of you that you didn't even know existed and then you realize that someone slept there for days, months, years, and didn't pay the rent...,, "


" She just fell asleep and I didn't want to wake her up, I just kissed her, wanting her to dream about everything I came to tell her..... and deeply sniffed the powder of her scent, knowing that it was the only drug that could lift me above this madness"

I hope you liked my journey today, this Sublime and beautiful Sunday 🤗

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