Difficult To Get Curated On Hive

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Please why is it that it is very hard to get upvotes on hive even when you publish quality content? I know some Hivers including myself that write killer articles but hardly get any upvotes or insignificant upvotes. Please what does it take to get upvotes on hive aside producing great articles? Please help a frustrated Hiver. Thanks.


I have read a couple of your so-called killer articles and found they falling short of curation criteria, at least, for the projects I curate for. Your texts must be original and images must be from free sources with source links.

Other places I share my best articles, like on steemit and other social media people laud them at least to a significant point. Anyone who does'nt see quality in some if not all of my posts needs to work on his eyes and mind. You mentioned in your first comment that some of my texts are plagarized. Well, none of them are, I wrote all myself. The only places you said right is about image copyright and formating and I am going to work on those aspects. But if it is about quality and plagarism you are wrong on that. Except if you mean that the posts should be exclusive to hive ( yes I publish my posts on other social media and blogging platforms).

Anyone who does'nt see quality in some if not all of my posts needs to work on his eyes and mind

Throwing subtle insults at your readers is not a good way to build an audience. BTW, I never said your post is not of quality, I specifically said it fell short of the curation criteria for the projects I curate for here on hive. I also never implied that your post was plagiarised, I only cited 2 of the criteria for curation.

You are well at liberty to share your posts to whatever platform you desire but also bear in mind that curators/projects are at liberty to chose who they reward or otherwise.

Best of luck bro!

Ok no problem.

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I saw this question of yours only today. I know it is hard when you first start out on Hive. I will give you some advice.

You should look at some of the communities here on Hive. If you had used keywords for some communities for your diary entry like gems or ocd, you might get more exposure.

If you are a gamer or have any background in finance or cryptocurrency, you might write articles about that and include key words.

When I first started out, someone had made a subscription for me in SBI. It stands for Steem Basic Income, which was the social platform before Hive. When a person buys the subscription for another, both people get the same amount in shares. I have bought some for you and I get the same amount. Every post you make will get a small upvote and it will be from an account starting with sbi. It may take a day or two for the subscription to process. I only ask that you do the same for a newcomer several years from now when you are more successful.

I have also followed you so I can upvote you. My upvote is small right now, but I will also be growing my vote in the future. Good luck!