Should LEO Finance provide more income related posts?

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LEO Finance covers a lot of topics around finance and cryptocurrencies, some more usefull than others. But there is always a seek for new ways of income and not sure if the site provides enough information on that, thus the next question that comes to mind...

Should LEO Finance provide more income posts?

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I don't think so I tink that's what CTP and HIVE Hustlers are trying to do and while it is applicable to LEO there is so much more this site can focus on and allow these other niche tribes to create income related content

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You are right, income related content is never a sure thing and finance domain has so many angles to look at.

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I'm pretty content with LeoFinance sticking to crypto, financial, investing and money related topics. I think success in many cases depends on having a clearly defined niche and then sticking to it. The whole "Income Opportunities" field tends to be rather riddled with pseudo-scams and other dodgy propositions, and I feel it would take away from the integrity of what LeoFinance is trying to build.


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Might be right on that, but it is a good niche within the finance domain. I feel that there are still people in the community restraining from sharing some opportunities, thus the question itself.

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